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Set up a replicating website

Need help managing your account?

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How to use the snap delivered app

Do you have questions on how to use the Snap Delivered app? It's pretty easy to get started!

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How to use the snap delivered driver app

Want to drive for Snap Delivered but don't know where to get started?

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How to access your team portal

The Team Portal is your central hub of information regarding your team, earnings, and more.

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How to use the restaurant partner app

Want to start taking orders using Snap Delivered? Get started in as little as 5 minutes.

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How to manage content on your restaurant page

Need guidance in managing content on your restaurant page?

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How to get paid from snap delivered

Connect your wallet and get paid! Find out how.

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Order processing usually takes about 5-10 minutes and standard delivery takes 20-45 minutes. So normally orders don't take more than 60 minutes to arrive.

Yes go to your app and click "My Orders"

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