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18 years old

Yes! You have to have an insulated bag to deliver the food because drivers work on tips and the best way to ensure being tipped well is to make sure your customer receives the food the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

Currently drivers get paid weekly. Payments go out on Fridays. We are working on a daily payment plan.

No, we will not pay a driver if they show up to a restaurant that is closed because this should never happen. If by chance this were to ever happen we will handle it on a case-by-case basis. We will have our staff continually updating our database of restaurants that are closed. If this becomes an issue we can revisit this at a later time.

At this time drivers are required to upload their driver's license and their vehicle insurance.

Your Snap Wallet

Are you curious about how you get paid by Snap Partners?

Did you know you have a WALLET in your back office?

That is where Snap Partners deposits your money.

First, you must set up your wallet. Here are the steps:

Go to: snapdeliveredteam.com

Enter User Name and Password

Click Profile

Click My Wallet

Select Edit on the Bank Account information box:

Enter the following information exactly as it is on your bank account:

Full Name of the account holder

Recipient Type

Account Type

Bank Routing Number

Account Number

City (your city, not the bank)

Address (your address, not the bank)

State (your state, not the bank)

Zip Code (your zip code, not the bank)


Now your bank account is linked to your WALLET. When you have money deposited into your WALLET, you can transfer it to your bank account. There is a small fee for each transaction.

To see when you will get paid, visit the FAQ section at the bottom of ibos.snapdelivered.com

Select the FAQ of the area of the company your working with to get the details: