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Please go to Snapdeliveredteam.com and sign up as a merchant. If you were given a referral link please use that link to sign up.

You will need to have 10 Restaurants with a 5-mile radius and 10 drivers. Once you have the required amount of restaurants and drivers we will help you get everything set up and running. Once you have your ten restaurants please make sure you email our Director of Restaurant. Expansion alex@snapdelivered.com and merchants@snapdelivered.com so we can help you take the next steps to getting your city up and running!

We will do the upload of the menus. Once it has been approved by the owner of the restaurant, any changes will then have to be made by the owner.

7 to 10 business days

A notification sound will alert the restaurant until it is either accepted or declined through their Tablet. We will have full training to onboard the restaurant and get them ready to start receiving orders and saving thousands of dollars in delivery fees!

Because we work on $2 per order we cannot do refunds once an order has been placed unless Snap Delivered is at fault. If anything is missing from the order the customer must contact the restaurant to make sure they make it right. We require drivers to take a picture when they put in an order and at the end as well.

Yes you can, you can do this by going to Edit Merchant and adding cuisine types.

Currently Restaurants get paid Weekly. Payments from the previous week will go out Fridays. This will change once we have integrated with a payment processor.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet: 1. Swipe down twice from the top of the screen to see the cog (Settings Menu) 2. From the setting menu click on “Device Options” towards the bottom 3. Click on “About Fire Tablet” 4. Click the “Serial Number” 7 times to unlock the “Developer” menu 5. Go back to previous screen 6. Click on “Developer Options” 7. Toggle “Stay Awake” to On 8. Done

Snap Delivered works on $2 per order so if a customer puts the order through they will be required to pay even of they cancel the order because it is not fair to the restaurant or Snap Delivered. If the restaurant forgets something or the customer is unhappy with the quality of their meal they will have to settle that with the restaurant. if there is an issue with service from Snap Delivered we will deal with that accordingly when it comes to the customer.

Restaurants have complete control of when they take orders by setting their hours in the restaurant portal.

There is no monthly fee to use the tablet software. The only fee is when an order goes out of $2.00.

If Amazon Fire 7 Tablet - They can use the Snap Delivered Amazon account to register the tablet. Username is support@snapdelivered.com password is Snap2022$ Make sure tablet is set to never go to sleep (Instructions for the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is in the FAQs) Log onto the merchant portal and save the site as a favorite or bookmark. Save login info for site Check menu items and pricing Update delivery hours Update banking info Once all that is completed (Banking info is mandatory) then we can activate the restaurant on the site and app If it is not an Amazon Fire 7 then please google the instructions for your make and model tablet to be sure the tablet does not go to sleep and then follow the rest of the instructions.

Once a restaurant is signed up as a merchant, you can have the download the customer app (provide them your code) for them to get their own code to refer customers and drivers.

Please send all logos, menus, links, etc for the restaurants to merchants@snapdelivered.com

Your Snap Wallet

Are you curious about how you get paid by Snap Partners?

Did you know you have a WALLET in your back office?

That is where Snap Partners deposits your money.

First, you must set up your wallet. Here are the steps:

Go to: snapdeliveredteam.com

Enter User Name and Password

Click Profile

Click My Wallet

Select Edit on the Bank Account information box:

Enter the following information exactly as it is on your bank account:

Full Name of the account holder

Recipient Type

Account Type

Bank Routing Number

Account Number

City (your city, not the bank)

Address (your address, not the bank)

State (your state, not the bank)

Zip Code (your zip code, not the bank)


Now your bank account is linked to your WALLET. When you have money deposited into your WALLET, you can transfer it to your bank account. There is a small fee for each transaction.

To see when you will get paid, visit the FAQ section at the bottom of ibos.snapdelivered.com

Select the FAQ of the area of the company your working with to get the details: