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You only need 2 subscriptions in this case IF you have more than 3 streams running on the same subscription. You can be loaded on infinite # of devices with that subscription but only 3 at a time can run.

No deals on 2 or more.

There are ads on movies and sports. On demand always has ads pre roll, mid roll, and near end. Only a couple of ads on movies, depends. Live tv always has ads, that’s how we make our money.

No, they just need to order through a Snap Delivered Associates referral link.

Each TV needs a media device. It can be a ROKU, Apple TV, FireTV or Android TV. As of today, a smart tv is NOT sufficient.

Not at all, they are completely unrelated, you can get customers in every market within the US.

This offer IS a residential offer.

Minutes … sign up through a SNAP referral link and follow the instructions.

It must be a QR code tied to your VIDGO referral ID located in the back office.